iStorage Phone Cleaner

iStorage Phone Cleaner is a mobile application that offers a fast and efficient way to optimize the performance of your smartphone. The app helps keep your phone clean and take care of its performance.

Main functions:

Clean files and cache: iStorage Phone Cleaner scans your device to detect and remove unnecessary and temporary files such as app cache, leftovers from old apps and temporary downloads, freeing up space on your phone and improving its performance.
Application Manager: The application allows you to view and manage all installed applications, including the ability to uninstall unnecessary applications and manage application permissions.
Battery optimization: iStorage Phone Cleaner helps save battery power by automatically turning off background processes and apps that consume a lot of power, allowing you to use your phone for a long time without needing to charge it.
Antivirus protection: The app also has built-in antivirus protection that helps detect and remove security threats on your device, keeping it safe and up-to-date.
User interface: iStorage Phone Cleaner has a convenient and easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily navigate through all the functions of the application and quickly perform the necessary operations.
With iStorage Phone Cleaner, your smartphone will always work at full capacity, providing you with convenience and safety of use.